Collaborate with me!


What's this form for?

This form is for those who are interested in TFP with Graham Jackson Photography™, and also potentially being hired by Graham Jackson for commercial work on a per-shoot basis. Other than the initial contact information fields, I have left the rest of this form completely optional. It is entirely up to you how much information you provide. However, I no longer openly accept TFP requests or TFP-related DMs on any platform and I refer everyone through this same form.

When will I hear from someone?

Due to the number of submissions, there likely won't be a direct interaction with me or my team until an opportunity is open or I have some time available and I am selectively looking for a TFP model and idea. The more information you provide on this form, the more content my team and I will have to review when the time comes. If I have a particular vision in mind or if I am working with a commercial client, there is often a specific look that needs to be achieved so the more social media profiles and content portfolios you link, the better idea we have of your experience as a model.

"What's the best way to work with you on a collaboration?"

The best chance you have to make it to the top of the TFP model list is to pull up with some dope ideas. That's why I have included a field for a Pinterest Board, but it could be a shared iCloud Photo album, Dropbox, etc. Anywhere you have a folder of inspiration for a particular idea that you would like to execute with me, pop that in and share what you've got in mind! Thanks to the large list of model submissions I receive, when I come up with an artistic vision I would like to execute, I personally select someone that fits the vision in my head from this list, and being selected has more to do with that than how long the model has been waiting to work with me.

If I don't hear from you, does that mean you don't want to work with me?

I am thankful to receive literally hundreds of collaboration requests per year and with the continued growth of my two photography companies, our marketing firm, and the demand for me to produce educational course-based content on a variety of topics, my time is more limited than ever and I appreciate everyone's understanding that while I make every attempt to personally interact with everyone and to collaborate with as many talented creatives as possible, there will undoubtedly be people I do not get the chance to personally interact with or who are not chosen for collaborations. This doesn't mean I don't think any less of you as a creative, there is simply just not enough free time to go around.